Stainless steel handrails can be both a functional improvement and a feature piece in homes, offices, and commercial spaces across Australia.

Modern steel fabrication techniques can be used to create handrails in a huge variety of designs from line sweeping, curved staircases, to simple geometric ones.

Offering style, practicality, and economy, it’s no surprise that steel handrails are growing in popularity every year.

Let’s take a look at how steel handrails are fabricated today in Australia and why they’re so popular with developers, managers, and homeowners.

How Are Steel Handrails Fabricated?

Steel handrails can be fabricated from a variety of steel elements, including flat bars, solid steel, steel tubing, and box sections.

Before manufacturing begins, your steel fabricators will help you to ensure that your designs meet local building regulations. Once your handrail designs are complete, the fabrication process can begin. This involves:

Cutting Your Steel to Size

This must be done carefully to avoid twisting and warping, especially in longer lengths of steel.

Pumping, Stamping, and Notching Your Steel

Depending on how your handrails have been designed, we may need to use a mechanical stamper to punch holes in your steel to prepare your materials for spindles, box section squares, and other elements.

Preformed cap handrailings can also be used in some circumstances.

Sheet and Pipe Bending

This step involves bending sheets and pipes into the shape required by your handrail designs. Curves, angles, and twists can all be achieved by a skilled steel fabricator.


Once each individual element has been fabricated, the next stage is to assemble your steel handrail by welding it together.

Weather Protection

Finally, paint powder coating or galvanising can be carried out to improve the weather resistance and improve the anti-corrosive properties of your steel handrails.

What are The Benefits of Using Steel Handrails?

There are many benefits to choosing steel handrails over wooden handrails or other materials. Steel handrails can be used in a huge range of settings with few drawbacks.

Some of the reasons why steel handrails are so popular today are:


Steel handrails are cheap to create and install, which makes them suitable for all budgets.


Steel lasts for many years even in industrial settings or busy commercial environments. It doesn’t rot, and it’s not eaten by bugs or termites.

It also boasts extremely high tensile strength, which means it can withstand knocks and impacts.

Easy to Keep Clean

The smooth surface of steel handrails is quick to wipe down, making steel handrails less likely to spread germs and viruses from person to person.


Steel handrails are modern and stylish and can be designed to suit a range of themes. Contemporary design trends in recent years have tended towards steel and chrome elements.

There’s no doubt that steel handrails are cost-effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing. There really is no reason not to invest in a steel handrail for your business or home.

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