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Structural Steel Fabrication Northern Territory


BluedustNT fabricates & installs custom designed carports, verandas, sheds & shade structures to suit individual requirements. We specialise in RHS (Steel Structures) which are built for functionality, style & durability.

We can also assist you with your Pre-fabricated structural steel & site welding needs.

Our qualified team can manage your project from design to completion including organising all of your drafting needs, Section 40 structural engineering, & Certification.

Specialising In:

  • Structural Steel
  • Carports
  • Verandas
  • Sheds
  • Site welding
  • Shade Structures

Custom Structured Steel Fabrication


If you need a structural steel solution for your home or business, you can rely on BluedustNT. Our high-quality structural steel fabrications are built to last, constructed from premium stainless steel.

All of our team are highly skilled, and we’re proud of our reputation for high-quality steel fabrication in the Northern Territory.

Whether you want a durable traditional outdoor shade structure, a new carport or a custom steel verandah, we can create a bespoke solution and install it throughout the Northern Territory.

Steel Carport Design & Fabrication


For security, cost-efficiency and peace of mind protection of your belongings and assets  a steel carport is the best choice for your home. We can design, a custom steel carport to your exact requirements, as well as fabricate and install it for a completely hassle-free project.

Whether you want a double garage, extra storage or a simple carport, our designers will create a bespoke solution that complements your property. We can also design and install commercial carports and garages for businesses.


Northern Territory Verandah Installation


Enhance your property with a verandah designed and installed by BluedustNT. Our high-quality structural steel verandahs are a great asset to any home, adding value and increasing outdoor living space.

We can create a custom solution that’s tailored to your property, so you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Maximise your space and create a truly unique outdoor living solution so you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather. 


Steel Shed Construction


If you need more storage space, you want a workshop for your hobby or you need a custom steel shed for your farm, at BluedustNT we can create the ideal solution for you. We can design a custom steel shed in whatever size or layout you require.

Our highly skilled engineers can create a range of innovative shed solutions for businesses and individuals in the Northern Territory. With a speedy installation process and space-saving design, our steel sheds are a hassle-free solution.


Site Welding Services


If you need a welder in Northern Territory, you can count on BluedustNT. All of our highly skilled team are fully licensed, trained and qualified and we can provide a range of site welding services for your project.

With enhanced safety training and a wealth of experience on sites across Australia, our welding experts will be an invaluable asset. We work with contractors all over the Northern Territory, and our structural steel fabrication expertise means we can complete your project at the right time, at the right price.

Northern Territory Shade Structures 


Our structural steel shade structures are the ideal solution for your business or organisation and provide a comfortable and shady place to work or relax.

Whether you need a steel pavillion to cover a picnic area, a steel cover for a tennis court or you have outdoor machinery you want to protect from the rain, we can create a bespoke shade structure that works for you. Each of our bespoke steel structures is tailored to our customers’ specifications, with a wide range of options available.

Whether you’re building a new shed or installing a new carport, our structural steel solutions will ensure your project is finished to the highest of standards. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer project management assistance from design through to completion, helping to meticulously draft and engineer your structures.

Trust BluedustNT to come up with a design that suits the needs of all your clients and stakeholders.

Steel Shelter

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Structural Steel Fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication involves creating the steel infrastructure required for a range of projects including carports, verandas, sheds and shade structures. BluedustNT’s expert team will prefabricate the material into shape using bending and cutting tools and assembly in the workshop. These bespoke products can then be delivered to the building, commercial, agricultural, mining, industrial or residential site for installation including on-site welding to save you time, money and labour.

What Are The Benefits Of Steel Fabrication?

The team at BluedustNT will assist with the design, fabrication, delivery and installation of your structural steel project for a cost-effective, holistic service. By choosing steel for your shed, carport, shade structure or other projects you get material that is extremely durable and long-lasting, is non-corrosive so it will stand up to the elements, is tensile so it can be bent and contorted into a range of different shapes and configurations while it remains lightweight for easy installation.

You will get a structure designed, created and installed to your exact specifications and our team will ensure your structure is erected correctly with precision on-site welding services included.

What Kind Of Products Can Be Pre-fabricated Using Steel?

Our team specialises in rectangular hollow section (RHS) steel fabrication which is popular for load-bearing frames across a wide range of structures. When you want your structure designed and installed to last a long time and stand up to the elements, RHS steel fabrication is the right choice.

BluedustNT has created structural steel frames for a range of customised and personalised projects across the Northern Territory and our team specialises in carports, verandas, sheds and shade structures. If you require a different product and a custom design, fabrication and installation service, speak to our team about the solutions that we can provide.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Steel Fabrication Services?

While there are kits available for steel structures like carports, verandahs, shade structures etc they come with specific dimensions and features that may not be suitable for you. BluedustNT can carry out a site inspection, listen to your requirements and create a customised solution that is going to perfectly fit your space and provide the features that you require.

Who Do You Provide Services For?

Whether you need fabrication for a simple home shed or renovation project or large-scale, mass-produced fabrication for industrial or construction requirements, we have the workshop, the machinery and the people to get the job done to the highest of standards.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Do you have an idea for a structure but you don’t have the blueprints, plans or specifications? That is not a problem, we can assist with personalised design services to bring your vision to life.

Our team specialises in custom projects and can assist with jobs of all sizes. We also provide welding services, galvanising, powder-coating and other protective solutions for structural steel to ensure it is long-lasting and durable. Give our team a call to discuss your requirements and we will deliver a solution that meets your needs.

About Us

Our commitment is to deliver a complete service to our clients from design to completion delivering projects on time, on budget & to the highest quality standard. We achieve this through quality plant & equipment, experienced staff & management & focusing on clients specific requirements.

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