The Australian steel industry is one of the cornerstones of the domestic economy.

The steel industry generates almost $30 billion in revenue annually and employs around 100,000 Australians.

Steel fabrication is essential for the construction industry, infrastructure projects Australia-wide and the mining industry for everything from remote constructions through to the machinery and tools used to procure minerals from the earth.

Without fabricated steel, there would be no energy industry, no ships or planes manufactured in Australia, or even the homes that we live in.

One industry that might not immediately come to mind when it comes to steel fabrication is the agricultural sector. But Australian farmers rely on fabricated steel for a range of purposes, including:

Storage Facilities

Working on the land requires large storage facilities for a range of purposes and they need to be durable and reliable.

Water tanks are essential when working on the land, while sheds to house vehicles and barns for the animals to be protected from the elements also need to be robust.

There are many other structures in agricultural operations, such as silos, that are made from fabricated steel.


Machinery and Vehicles

Technologies change and innovations are made every year when it comes to farming machinery, equipment and other vehicles.

But one thing remains constant, they need to be built tough. That is why steel remains the material of choice for machine frames for tractors, cotton pickers, hay balers, harvesters and much more.

Hand Tools

Traditional agricultural hand tools are made out of steel because of its strength, but also because it makes these tools light and easy to handle and durable enough to work for years on end.

Sharp edges remain sharper for longer and the anti-corrosive nature of galvanised steel means these tools are less likely to rust over time.


General Farming Equipment

Everywhere you look at an agricultural operation, you will find fabricated steel. From the fences that surround the farm through to the grids that stop cattle from wandering from the property.

Greenhouses require steel frames and cow milking sheds rely on steel for storage and the structure itself.

Everything from irrigation and drainage systems to individual milk pails and other farming essentials relies on the steel industry for the strength and reliability needed in agricultural operations.

Why Steel Is An Important Material For Agriculture

Working on the land is honest work, but it is not glamourous at times.

Farmers work in extreme environments and contend with blistering heat in summer and torrential rain in the wet season, as well as various chemicals and other materials that can all take their toll on machines, equipment and even the buildings themselves.

Fabricated steel can be galvanised and coated to give it even more strength than regular steel so it can reliably take whatever the agricultural industry can throw at it.

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