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Automatic Gates & Fencing

BluedustNT specialises in fabrication & installation of custom designed Automatic gates with motors that are fit for purpose in our demanding climate. We supply & install Nice Australia gate operators for residential application through to 100% duty cycle Gate Drive Systems Australia (GDS) operators for commercial/industrial applications.

Automatic Gate Operators

Your automatic gate can be controlled by many different options such as hard wired or wireless key pad, swipe card or fob, remote, road loop & even your mobile phone.Whatever your requirements, we can tailor your automatic gate package to suit your individual needs. 

Automatic Gate Solutions We Offer:

  • Custom Automatic Gates
  • Sliding Automatic Gates
  • Swinging Automatic Gates
  • Automatic Gates for Remote Locations

BluedustNT also services, repairs & upgrades existing automatic gate motors.

Having a high-quality gate is vital if you are looking to secure your commercial building or domestic property. Fortunately, our automatic gates are both aesthetically pleasing and unbeatably robust.

    Complete Fencing Solutions

    Along with high-quality automatic gates we provide a complete fencing solution for all your fencing needs from Industrial & Commercial Security Fencing, to Domestic Fencing and Pool fencing. Our fences are built to last & customer satisfaction is paramount from Measure/Quote stage to completion.

    Our fences come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs, and we’re happy to service clients in remote areas. BluedustNT sources all of its fencing materials from reliable partners and we are committed to offering fair quotes to suit a range of budgets. Whether you’re looking for pool fencing, glass fencing, or chain mesh fencing, do not hesitate to get in touch.

      Fencing Solutions We Offer:

      • Security Fencing
      • Glass Fencing
      • Colorbond Fencing
      • Chainmesh Fencing
      • Tubular Fencing
      • Pool Fencing
      • Slat Fencing
      • Timber Screen Fencing
      • Privacy Screens
      • Remote Fencing
      • Concrete Plinths
      • Livestock Fencing


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      Automatic Gates

      Automatic Gates & Fencing FAQ’s

      What type of gate will work for my driveway?

      We can evaluate this for you and make recommendations. The answer depends on several factors, such as:

      • Driveway size: this will determine whether a sliding gate or a swinging gate would be best.

      • Slopes/inclines: sliding or rolling gates are best where there is an incline, as a swinging gate may be constricted by the slope.

      • Style of property: we will aim to match your property’s style and colour.

      What happens if there is a power outage?

      Our automatic gates come with an emergency manual override so you can still get them open if there is a power cut. Battery Backup Units are also available.

      Can my existing gates have an automated system installed?

      Possibly – it depends on the attributes of the gates. We can assess this and let you know whether it is possible.

      What happens if a visitor or delivery comes to my home?

      You can have an intercom installed that allows visitors to contact you from the gates. This way, you can confirm whether or not to allow entry to your property. You could also issue trusted people with your code. We can also supply/install WIFI or GSM Modules, these will allow you to open you gate remotely (from anywhere you have cell/wifi range).

      How can my visitors leave?

      A gate can be fitted with automatic sensors to detect anyone approaching the gates from the inside. It will then open automatically. You can also have an interior keypad. As above with the WIFI & GSM Kits – app-based guest keys can be issued to your close friends/family.

      Can automatic gates be installed in stages?

      If your budget or schedule is tight, we can separate the installation into three separate stages:

      • The ground and building work
      • Erecting the gates and support posts
      • Installing the automated system

      How long will I have to wait for my system to be manufactured?

      If all the required components are in stock and the space for the gate is in place, the system should arrive and be installed within a few days. The manufacturing of gates and auxiliary items can take a little longer in some cases, and we can advise on this for your case.

      How long does it take to have the new gates installed and operational?

      As long as there are no unexpected complications, your automatic gate system should be up and running in no more than a few days.

      Do I need permission from the council to have an automatic gate installed?

      We can advise on this, but in most cases no.

      Can you repair systems you did not install?

      In many cases, yes. We have expertise in electric gate systems of all varieties, so we can usually do repairs on gates that were not installed by us.

      Can you produce an automatic gate opener even if you did not install the gate?

      Yes, we stock & sell reliable, high quality gate openers that can be retrofitted to gates that we didn’t manufacture or install.

      What areas do you serve?

      BluedustNT is based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. We are able to serve customers here and in surrounding areas – just get in touch if you are unsure.

      About Us

      Our commitment is to deliver a complete service to our clients from design to completion delivering projects on time, on budget & to the highest quality standard. We achieve this through quality plant & equipment, experienced staff & management & focusing on clients specific requirements.

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